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Simpler and safer

An OpenAntumID QR code is scanned by a potential user with the OpenAntumID Connect app on the smartphone. After this, the user identifies himself with a pin code, fingerprint or facial recognition. The encrypted (i.e. anonymous) access request is returned and the user is successfully logged in.


Powered by Blockchain Technology

OpenAntumID therefore means: No username and password combinations, no SMS authentication and no more 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). OpenAntumID (OpenID Connect) eliminates the username, password and 2FA requirements for authentication. Because it uses encryption from a selected chain, there are no passwords or usernames to forget or accidentally share with malicious parties.


You are not the product!

Unlike other solutions, you are not the product if you are using OpenAntumID. Insecure (SSO) authentication services such as Facebook, Google and bank-related IDs use your data for commercial purposes.

2 Factor Authentication

Passwords and 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) are simply no longer secure.

Extremely Safe

Optimal protection of your privacy.


No username and complicated password combinations.

Easy to Integrate

Supported by all AntumID Authenticator apps and Open Source Digi-ID authentication apps.

No SMS Messages

No more SMS authentication.

Blockchain Encryption

We build a digital wall around your identity using strong encryption.

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    Wat kost het?

    De AntumID app is volledig gratis voor eindgebruikers. Bedrijven die gebruikers willen authenticeren via OpenAntumID, met behulp van de AntumID APP, kunnen kiezen uit een service abonnementen op aanvraag.


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