Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the user loses their smartphone?

When configuring the AntumID Authenticator application, the user is asked to store his secret key in a different place than on his phone. This way, a user can find his AntumID in case of damage, theft or loss of the smartphone.

What happens if my online platform is hacked?

In the event that an online platform is attacked, the hacker will not be able to access your users' passwords as there are no passwords at all. They also will not be able to use your user identification AntumIDs to connect to another platform.

Does Open Antum use my user data?

We do not use any personal information. We have no reason to do this either, as our business model is not based on trading user data. No data needs to be stored on our platform. AntumID is a decentralized computed ID.

AntumID is based on DigiByte Digi-ID, Bitcoin BitID and is an open source solution, which means that the code is publicly available.

What is the difference between OpenAntumID Connect and an existing authentication solution?

The difference between OpenAntumID Connect and existing market solutions is that OpenAntumID is a strong authentication protocol. The other special feature of OpenAntumID is the user experience: Simple, fast and private, AntumID saves its users from having to enter or create a new password for the umpteenth time.

Can I create more than one user on a website?

Unlike all other sso and authentication applications, OpenAntumID allows users to create more than one account on a website / service, because it includes the multi-chain authentication system. This is a unique property of OpenAntumID.

Can I combine OpenAntumID Connect with an authentication solution that is already on my site?

Absolutely. OpenAntumID Connect can be combined with the authentication solution of your choice. However, user connections only remain confidential when they connect to the OpenAntumID Connect solution.

Regarding your company; We recommend that you do not implement any third party authorization tool (Facebook Connect, Google Connect, etc.) on your website, unless you agree to this third party (ies) collecting additional data about your company and your users.

How do I integrate OpenAntumID on my website?

OpenAntumID easily integrates on your website, online platform, forum or application, in minutes, using a standard OpenID Connect plug-in (s).

Is the AntumID app free?

The AntumID app is completely free for end users. Companies that want to authenticate users via OpenAntumID, using the AntumID app, can choose from different service plans.

Can anyone use OpenAntumID?

Anyone who owns a recent smartphone with AntumID Auhenticator app or compatible open source apps, such as: DigiByte Mobile Wallet APP, Digi / AntumID APP and DigiID Simple can use OpenAntumID worldwide.

I share my data with OpenAntumID, what exactly do I share?

You only share a unique ID with a website, this unique ID is also unique to the website. No other data is shared.

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